T É M O I G N A G E S  C L I E N T S     C L I E N T  T E S T I M O N I A L S
I know I can always trust the authenticity and quality from the Absinthe Originals' web boutique.
With so many fake items out on the market, this shop is a blessing.  Marc has never let me down, and I've been happy with every
item I've purchased. The pieces are always exactly as described, shipping is prompt, and the packing is perfect.
S. M. - USA
Marc is well-known and respected throughout the absinthe community, and his solid reputation is what first brought me to
Absinthe Originals. He is a knowledgeable, passionate and trustworthy collector and dealer of absinthe antiques whom I've had
the pleasure of doing business with several times over the past two years. His service has always been prompt and courteous,
and he's always made himself available to answer questions, even regarding pieces which are not in his shop. In addition to
offering very fine pieces for sale, Absinthe Originals lives up to its name and is an excellent resource to use as a reference guide
for absinthe antiques of all kinds. The eye candy there simply cannot be beaten!
J. S. - USA
If you know Marc and/or Oxy, then read no futher.  Their excellent reputations speak for themselves and you already know you're
in good hands.  If not, then let me say that I've been collecting absinthe antiques for many years now and some of my most
prized pieces have come from Absinthe Originals.  Marc has a knack for offering rare items which are near impossible to find
elsewhere.  Also, when I place an order here I know that what I'll be getting will be authentic, the item will match the description,
and it will arrive quickly and safely.  That level of comfort simply doesn't exist with any of the other sources I know of.
L. A. - USA
I have been a regular buyer of absinthe antiques from Absinthe Originals since the website was established a few years ago. I
have been dealing with Marc over the years and can say that he has never let me down . He is a pleasure to deal with and is quick
to respond to enquiries. Items are always delivered quickly to me here in Australia and are always as described. Packaging is
great and I have never received any damaged goods. I would recommend Marc and Absinthe Originals website to anyone
looking to buy high quality absinthe antiques .
G. R. - Australia
I have been collecting absinthiana for many years now and Absinthe Originals is by far the best online source for genuine
antique articles. I have found Marc to be a very knowledgeable, honest, and reliable vendor who not only sells absinthe antiques
but has a real passion for them; I know I’m not just buying from a shop, I’m buying from another collector. Living in Australia,
having delicate items shipped from the other side of the globe is cause for concern, but with Marc’s exceptional packing and
shipping methods, I know my purchases will arrive in one piece.
A. V. - Australia
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Shopping at Absinthe Originals is like shopping at a real museum with Marc as your personal curator. Everything has been  
exactly as described, questions about antiques are answered promptly and courteously even when asking about absinthe
antiques that may not be on the webshop pages and shipping is always quick  and arrives safely. Marc is all about customer
service. On my first purchase I failed to notice that I did not match up the glasses I bought with the proper sized saucers and
before I knew it Marc was right there helping me make the correct choice.
Oscar Wilde had wrote "After the first glass you will see things as you wish they were". The antiques will help you understand that
feeling especially when tasting a vintage absinthe in that vintage glass.
R. F. - USA
I have been collecting Absinthe antiques since I arrived back in the UK. Marc is the only one I would order from. His online shop
is always well stocked with very special antiques and they always arrive well packed and safe.
W. P. - UK
I have dealt with mail order companies where one could not complain about the service, there was none!
Not so with Marc. cordial communication , honest description of quality collectibles, fairly priced.
Prompt shipment with secure packaging, and signature requirement on receipt.
Highly recommended.
A. R. - USA
Marc is a knowledgeable and trusted authority on the subject of vintage absinthe. The quality of the product offered on his website
is second to none, and the attention to detail and level of service is such that any first time patron almost inevitably becomes a
regular client. His online store offers access to some truly rare and exceptional absinthe, a product that allows connoisseurs to
sample the elixir of a bygone era. Purchases are dispatched speedily, and packed in a manner that displays not only a genuine
commitment to customer service, but an almost devotional treatment of the underlying product. I would recommend Marc's
services without hesitation, and look forward to purchasing absinthe and related products from him for many years to come.
M. E. - USA
I am from Austria and for me it is not really easy to find good Absinthe antiques at antique shops or – markets.
When I noted  the shop Absinthe Originals in the internet I was very excited!
In the meantime, I acquired already 35 Absinthe spoons, including some quite rare, for my collection. Some saucers are also
from the same shop. Unlike eBay or other platforms, I always have been very satisfied with the quality of the exhibits. The pieces
were always equivalent to the honest description and the price was reasonable too! Here I don't need to worry about buying a
faked thing for a lot of money!
Perfect packaging and very fast shipping are pleasant, if one is waiting for his collector's items!
I am sure that I will still acquire many things in this shop in the future!
R. B. - Austria
After numerous transactions with Marc, I can honestly say that he is a true gentleman who truly cares about what he does. He has
answered multiple questions for me even regarding items that he did not even have for sale, and I am very grateful for that. I have
learned a lot from him and feel I can trust his experience with 100% confidence. I have had nothing but great service and prompt
communication before, during and after sales. Everything has always been just as described and packaged with utmost care.
Rest assured, when it comes to Absinthe Originals, you will be taken well care of. Thanks Marc!
J. F. - USA
I would like to thank Absinthe Originals for being in business - it gives me great peace of mind to know that I have a trustworthy
source for outstanding, authentic absinthe antiques, and don't have to worry that I'm purchasing a cleverly made reproduction.  
Marc has been a pleasure to deal with, always promptly answering any questions I may have and offering expert, much
appreciated advice.  Descriptions are very detailed, shipping is extra fast, and packing is top rate.  One of my first purchases from
Marc was a beautiful  crystal bubble glass which looked very fragile.  I worried all week that it would be broken in shipping.  When
it arrived, I saw that it could not have been packed better and was in perfect condition.  I plan to deal with Marc in the future and
recommend, if you are looking for top absinthe collectibles, that you visit the Absinthe Originals website.  Just don't buy anything
I have my eye on.
L. H. - USA
Since 2002, we have been offering the best absinthe antiques from France and
Switzerland, the motherlands of the Green Fairy. Being located in France gives us the
opportunity to unearth the finest absinthe-related antiques and vintage absinthe
bottles. We're not just sellers, we're first and foremost absinthe antiques collectors,
historians, authors and above all: passionate! Read our
client testimonials to better
understand why many of our customers are also our friends.


La Boutique de Référence pour les Antiquités sur l'Absinthe ▪ Depuis 2002
World's Most Regarded Absinthe Antiques Webshop ▪ Since 2002
Marc offers what is surely the world's finest collection of authentic original absinthiana to be found anywhere in the world. I've
ordered many things from him and have constantly been impressed with the superb quality of the items, the fast and friendly
customer service, and the exceptional packaging. Buying internationally can sometimes be intimidating but every one of my
experiences with absintheoriginals.com have surpassed my highest expectations.
R. R. - USA