Alastair Reid McMillan
24th May 1956 - 14th March 2011
Alastair was an only child born to the late Alexander and Jane McMillan.  He was an exceptionally intelligent and clever man and did
have problems relating to everyday things because of it.  Like many true geniuses suffered with manic depression.  That being said
he was a good, loyal and trustworthy friend and partner. He was pensioned off work with ill health in 1994 and never returned to
paid employment. He was passionate about everything that he did and when he applied that passion with dedication was meticulous
and thorough.  He would work tirelessly on a project until it was completed perfectly. He was a senior biomedical scientist and was
technically very skilled, but never found his true vocation in work.  He had a flare for computing long before they were normal
household items and would program in machine code.  He enrolled on a college course in computer programming that was only
open to professional programmers,  yet won the college prize every year of the course.  He successfully completed the diploma in
Management Studies and again passed everything with distinction.  His real passions lay with the Clyde Steamer Society (steam
ships that used to sail around the West Coast of Scotland), Latin and classical studies, particularly the work of Ovid, music -
progressive rock, but enjoyed most genres, Celtic music particularly Alan Stivell the Breton harpist. He was an accomplished artist.
He loved animals and couldn't stand cruelty.  He was great with our African Grey parrot was a member of many clubs and societies
and was rightly proud of his MENSA membership. He loved quizzes and puzzles. He was a man of principles and high morals, but
had a tremendous sense of humour too. His book collection was extensive and treasured. He discovered a passion for Absinthe
antiques and anything to do with it.  True to form he thew himself into learning everything he could about it and spent hours and
hours researching information on the internet.  His collection was inclusive of anything vaguely to do with the subject and it gave
him tremendous pleasure. He developed rheumatoid arthritis which was particularly severe and affected other organs especially his
lungs.  After being diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis his condition deteriorated very quickly and nine months after diagnosis and
having been in hospital for a fortnight suffering from pneumonia contracted it again two months later and died in the Glasgow
western Infirmary six days later on the 14th March 2011.  He is greatly missed by his friends and all who knew him well, in
particular by myself - Margaret McMillan - Widow.  I'm hoping that whoever buys his collection will get as much pleasure and
satisfaction from if as he did.

Magaret McMillan

Alastair McMillan était un collectionneur passionné d'antiquités sur le thème de l'absinthe et bien plus encore : il était étudiant en
histoire de la fée verte. Ces centres d'intérêt dans la collection étaient bien évidemment centrés sur le plus évident - cuillères,
verres, pyrogènes - mais aussi sur les livres et les journaux, en fait tout ce qui aidait à raconter l'histoire de l'absinthe dans ses
jours glorieux et même au-delà. En véritable "collectionneur de la collection", il a acquis des antiquités en bon état, avec un bon
goût assuré, un grand soin, et après de longues réflexions. Il avait l'oeil pour les objets inhabituels et sous-cotés, et sa collection
comprend des joyaux dans toutes les gammes de prix. J'ai eu le privilège de connaître Alastair en tant que client mais aussi en
tant qu'ami pendant des années, et aujourd'hui, à la suite de son décès survenu bien trop tôt, c'est avec tristesse mais aussi avec
fierté que nous proposons sa collection, méticuleusement cataloguée par Marc Thuillier, à une nouvelle génération d'absintheurs.

David Nathan-Maister

Alastair McMillan was a passionate collector of absinthe antiques - more than that though, he was a student of the history of La Fee
Verte. His collecting interests encompassed not only the obvious - spoons, glasses, pyrogenes - but also books, journals, labels,
postcards, in fact everything that helped tell the story of absinthe in its heyday and beyond. A real "collector's collector" he bought
carefully and after long deliberation, always with excellent taste, and always items in fine condition. He had an eye for the unusual
and the underpriced, and his collection includes gems in all price ranges. I was privileged to know Alastair as a client and friend for
many years, and now, following his passing at far too young an age, it's with sadness but also pride that we offer his collection,
meticulously catalogued by Marc Thuillier, to a new generation of absintheurs

David Nathan-Maister
Nous avons eu le grand privilège de connaître Alastair McMillan, un homme d'une grande gentillesse, avec un charmant sens de
l'humour et une passion très pointue pour l'histoire de l'absinthe.
Alastair est décédé en mars 2011 à l'âge de 54 ans. Sa veuve, Margaret McMillan, nous a proposé de vendre sa collection
d'antiquités sur l'absinthe et nous sommes très fiers de pouvoir vous la présenter sur le Musée Virtuel de l'Absinthe.
Cette collection impressionnante et unique est composée, entre autre, de 130 cuillères, 27 articles de verrerie, 23 soucoupes, 2
bouteilles d'absinthe d'époque (dont une très rare bouteille de Pernod Fils de la fameuse cache 1914), 86 documents sur
l'absinthe, 24 livres anciens (dont le fameux Couleru), 5 brouilleurs, 3 pyrogènes, 4 troncs de comptoir, et plus encore...
Une fois de plus, nous avons essayé d'être les plus précis possible dans les descriptions, mais n'hésitez pas à nous envoyer un
email pour plus de détails.

We were privileged to know Alastair, an extremely nice and gentle man, with a charming sense of humour and a sharp passion
for the history of absinthe.
Alastair passed away in March 2011, aged 54 year. Alastair's widow, Margaret McMillan, offered us to sell his antiques collection
and we're very proud to offer it to you now on the Musée Virtuel de l'Absinthe.
This tremendous and unique collection includes 130 antique spoons, 27 glassware items, 23 antique saucers, 2 vintage absinthe
bottles (including a very rare Pernod Fils from the famous 1914 cache), 86 absinthe documents, 24 antique books (including the
famous Couleru), 5 brouilleurs, 3 pyrogenes, 4 spoon holders, and more...
Once again, we've tried to be as precise as we could in the descriptions, bu feel free to drop us an email if you want more details.
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